Providing reliable services in all aspects
of site preparation, clearing and supplies.

Why Choose Us?

Steve Farano’s business philosophy is a simple one: Provide high quality earthmoving services and build on the loyalty of a satisfied and growing group of clients. This is why SRF has been in the industry for 14 years and is still growing.

But what makes for such satisfied customers, and why is SRF able to provide such excellence in earthmoving? 

The answer is simple: find and keep the best operators, operators with the intelligence to follow the most complex instructions and the experience to carry them out to the letter. Give these operators the best equipment and backup, and satisfied customers are the result.

The SRF team is proud of the work it does. We have the experience, we have the intelligence, we have the best vehicles and equipment– for SRF Earthmoving, near enough is never good enough.


Why SRF Can Move the Earth For You

  • Quality of service. We’ll do the job right, and on time too.
  • Qualified operators. Responsible, experienced SRF personnel you can rely on.
  • 14 years in the industry. In earthmoving, as in life– experience counts.
  • Fast and efficient. No wasted time, but only as fast as is safe.
  • The best equipment. A bad workman blames his tools, a good one relies on his.
  • Industry know-how. SRF operators have the experience and the smarts to deal with those tricky or unusual site situations.
  • Clear communications. On-site or off, all SRF people know how to listen, keeping all operations safe and efficient.